Schr├Ąger Overflow

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0:00 Result

0:30 Geometry in FreeCAD

1:07 Meshing in Salome

2:10 Download Case structure from the Terragon GitHub Repository

2:25 Adjust U and controlDict files

3:09 Water and Air Simulation 0.3 m/s inlet

3:58 Water and Air Simulation 0.9 m/s inlet

4:20 Pressure Simulation

„­čîŐ Exploring Fluid Dynamics: Step into the Virtual Laboratory of CFD Simulation with OpenFOAM! ­čŞĆ Dive deep into the fascinating world of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as we unveil the intricate dance of water and pressure in this mesmerizing overflow simulation. ­čîŐ­čĺĘ Witness how every droplet of water navigates the terrain with grace, while pressure gradients create a symphony of forces beneath the surface. This simulation not only captures the essence of fluid dynamics but also provides a visual feast for those curious about the hidden forces governing nature’s movements. ­čĄô­čöŹ So, join us on this virtual journey and marvel at the beauty and complexity of fluid behavior.

Get ready to be awestruck by the secrets that lie beneath the surface! ­čĺž­čö«

#CFDSimulation #FluidDynamics #OpenFOAM #ScienceInAction

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