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20230913 Terragon Video schräger Overflow

Schräger Overflow


Please like, comment and share, if you enjoyed this video 🙂 0:00 Result 0:30 Geometry in FreeCAD 1:07 Meshing in Salome 2:10 Download Case structure from the Terragon GitHub Repository 2:25 Adjust U and controlDict files 3:09 Water and Air Simulation 0.3 m/s i... More »

Install OpenFOAM and Paraview from Source on virtualized Debian 11 ARM64 on a M1 Silicon Chip

Install OpenFOAM and Paraview on ARM64


In this tutorial we will compile OpenFoam from Source on a Mac with M1 Silicon Chip (ARM64) and get a complete CFD environment with OpenFOAM and Paraview in a virtualized Debian 11 ARM Container with Parallels Desktop More »