Tutorial: 2D Motion Tracking from AE to C4D with AEtoC4D Plugin

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TIP: To solve the problem of the inverted rotation, just change the position of the camera to the other side of the object ­čśë !!!

Note1: First download the AEtoC4D plugin for free and install to both AE and C4D: http://aenhancers.com/viewtopic.php?t=653
Note 2: Until now there is a porblem with the rotaion (rotation will be inverted).
Note 3: Motion Tracking is 2D only (AE can’t track 3D).

Welcome to my tutorial ­čÖé

In this tutorial we will see how to:

Steps in Adobe After Effects CS5:
1. Import a Video we want to track
2. Create Null-Object where we store the tracking information data
3. Track the video with position AND rotation aim to the Null-Object
4. Export the tracking data of Null-Object with the pt_AEtoC4D plugin that can be downloaded for free: http://aenhancers.com/viewtopic.php?t=653

Steps in Cinema 4D:
5. Create a Background object with the video as material
6. Create a floor object that takes shadows
7. Create a box that will sit in our video later
8. Create a light that generates the correct shadows according to our video
9. Create a camera with the floor adjusted to our video
10. Import the motion tracking data with the AEtoC4D script
11. Make the camera a sub-object of the two Null-objects that were generated by the plugin

NOTICE: Now the Camera rotation will be inverted in our examle! Solve this problem by simply changeing the position of the camera on the ofter side of the object!

Required and used Software:
– Adobe After Effects CS5
– Cinema 4D
– pt_AEtoC4D free Plugin from Paul Tuersley

Optional Software used in this tut:
– None

I hope that you will enjoy this basic tutorial!

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