Tutorial Dancing animation in Poser and C4D

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TIP: Scroll to 8:25 to see the result first!!!

Welcome to my fourth tutorial ­čÖé

In this tutorial we will see how to:

Steps in Poser:

1. Apply dancing poses to victoria 4

2. Save Poser file with the animation

Steps in Cinema 4D:

3. Load the poser file with the PoserFusion Plugin

4. Create a simple scene around the poser figure with a light and camera

7. Render the animation

Required and used Software:

– Poser (compatible with PoserFusion f.e. Pro 2010)

– PoserFusion (Exchange Plugin)

– Cinema 4D (compatible with PoserFusion Plugin for C4D f.e. 11.5)

Optional Software used in this tut:

– DAZ3D Victoria 4.2

– Victoria 4 Dance Pack 1 www.poseranim.com

I hope that you will enjoy this basic tutorial!

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