3D Motion Tracking Tutorial: VooDoo (free) and Cinema 4D with woman

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Final Render: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vcj-dSJx774

Welcome to my next tutorial ­čÖé

In this tutorial we will see how to:

1. Convert a video to a TARGA .TGA Sequence

2. Use VooDoo for 3D-Tracking of the TARGA Sequence

3. Export 3D tracking data into the Lightwave format

4. Import the Lightwave file into Cinema 4D

5. Use the TARGA Animation as a background in Cinema 4D

6. Insert a 3D Object like a animated Poser-Figure

7. Adjust the camera and render settings in Cinema 4D

8. Render video

9. Optional: Edit the Video in Adobe Premiere to correct the bad light and depth of the video ;-))

Required and used Software:

– VooDoo 3D Motion tracking (Freeware, just google it)

– Cinema 4D (I used 11.5)

– (Adobe Premiere)

I hope that you will enjoy this basic tutorial!

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