Tutorial Real anaglyph 3D in C4D with 2 Cameras

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TIP: Scroll to 12:25 to see the result first!!!
Welcome to my second tutorial ­čÖé

In this tutorial we will see how to:

Steps in Cinema 4D:
1. Load a Scene
2. Create a camera with aim and give it the righ position
3. Copy the camera 2x and move the copies left and right beside the first cam
4. Check that all 3 cameras look at the same point
5. Render the „left“ camera in one video file
6. Render the „right“ camera in a second video file

Steps in Adobe Premiere:
7. Create a ne Sequence that is twice a wide as the render output (same height)
8. Place both rendered video files in this sequence (one left  one right)
9. Export that Sequence to one new single video File that has both videos side by side


10. Open the new video file with the „Stereoscopic Player“ and enjoy!

Required and used Software:
– Cinema 4D (I used 11.5)
– Adobe Premiere (I used CS5)
– Stereoscopic Player (free demo available, just google)

I hope that you will enjoy this basic tutorial!

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