Romantic Sundown in a Train

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Romantic Sundown in a Train

Amidst the golden hues of twilight’s gleam, A train’s embrace carries hearts to dream, As wheels whisper secrets to the track, We journey on, never looking back. The sun dips low in a fiery dance, Painting the sky with a passionate glance, Colors aflame, like love’s tender spark, Igniting emotions within the heart. Through windows wide, love’s canvas unfolds, A masterpiece painted in hues untold, Hand in hand, we share this sacred sight, Basking in love’s soft, ethereal light. The train’s rhythmic song, a serenade, To the romance that in our hearts is laid, As landscapes blur, and horizons blend, Our love’s journey knows no end. Two souls united, on this train we ride, In the warmth of love, side by side, Sundown’s embrace, a moment divine, Forever etched in this heart of mine. So let the sun sink in a passionate kiss, As we hold each other, in love’s sweet abyss, A romantic sundown, a tale to be told, From the train’s window, our love unfolds.

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