Tutorial: Import Google SketchUp to C4D free (and correct transparency)

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Welcome to this tutorial from www.terragon.de!

In this tutorial we will see how to:

1. Search and Download objects from google SketchUp as COLLADA file

2. Edit the Transparency option in the Collada File by replacing:




(There have to be more brakets but youtube is filtering them out, sorry, but you can see it in the video as well!)

Please Note: This editing of the transparency is only neccessary for „older“ models. Models uploaded in 2011 will normally work fine without this editing.

3. Import the edited COLLADA file to Cinema 4D

4. Add some lights and render

Required and used Software:

– Google 3dwarehouse (free: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse)

– Cinema 4D (i used R11.5)

– normal Text Editor (like WordPad)

I hope that you will enjoy this basic tutorial!


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